What we do

Titliyan is a NGO organization located in Noida, working towards educating underprivileged children in India. Quality education still remains a concern in India, especially among the low income communities.  ​ ​Thus with the motive of educating and developing life and social skills Titliyan was started by its founder Anita Gurnani. Today, the organization is looking after 200 students with the help of some dedicated teachers.The programs for Titliyan are designed to help government school students with extra study material to develop better understanding of the subjects as well as for children who are unable to attend school. The subjects being taught are English, Hindi, Science, Social studies, Computers and Mathematics. The focus is primarily on Languages – Hindi & English and exposing children to Computers, apart from developing their natural inquisitiveness by making them ask questions instead of rote learning. Programs have been designed to create an interest & eagerness in making learning fun, interactive and happy.


Computers are used to develop their listening skills, comprehension, English vocabulary and Reasoning skills.


Focus is on developing their interpersonal skills. We all work very hard at Titliyan to help every child achieve their simple dreams and potential, to inculcate a go getter attitude in children and to make them believe that nothing is beyond them if they strive hard to attain their dreams.

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