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Titliyan Special Mention To

Ashita Kachru :

Ashita Kachru was born in New Delhi, India. She discovered her passion in arts at a very tender age when she saw her mom make paintings. Ashita mostly creates oil paintings on canvas and pencil color artwork. Her paintings are a unique mix of contemporary and realism. She derives her inspiration from her life experiences. You can see a very strong connection between her artwork and her motherland- India. Although painting was always in her genes, she started selling her artwork only recently. You might think that she may be an art major but you will be surprised to know that she’s computer science engineer with masters degree in software systems, currently working as a software development manager in NYC. Ashita has not received any formal training in the field of arts. This is one of the reasons why her work is very fresh and not influenced.She plans to give back to the society by donating part of her artwork sales. Please visit her site at : www.paintingsbyashita.com

Nitish Sinha :

Nitish Sinha, a techie from Jharkhand, has an obsession with designing and development. Nitish is an example of self-confidence, who faces a  mirror whenever he feels that he is loosing confidence. He is a believer of Steve Jobs words.. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. He has made various projects as a freelancer. Check his complete portfolio on www.nitishsinha.com. He has designed this website.

Ashish :

Ashish is a freelance photographer who shot a lot of photographs of the children at Titliyan. His photographs have made this site look crisper and sharper. Check his complete portfolio at www.ashishphotography.com

Maanvi Thawani :

Maanvi created Maths worksheets for the primary section of the school, which are used extensively by Little Titliyan. She created presentations for teachers to use in classrooms.  She also showed initiative and collected funds on GoFundMe website. She is studying in a High School in California and is always eager to be associated with the work that we do here in India.

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